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JMMC/Petcom All Stage Loose Rally
6th - 7th December, 2003
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Team Report: Trevor Manning & James Betts
Trevor "Micey" Manning

I would have to say that was probably my most enjoyable overseas rally so far. The support we got from the Bajan spectators was next to nothing and it really boosted the spirit to see the boys running behind you with the flag as we passed in stage. I was actually wondering if it would have been more fun following the rally instead.

My feelings going into the rally were to bring the car to the finish ramp no matter what and not try being a hero like we did last year. I reckoned we could get a top five place so I guess six wasn't too far off although I must say the pace definitely stepped up a notch from last year. The front runners were on fire and I tried to snatch the 5th place from Peter Moodie on the second day but he was driving very impressive and I decided to hold station just before lunch. The first days stages were about the same as last year but the second day was nature. Fast and flowing wide bauxite roads up through the hills could be pushed to the limit once we got to know them a little better but there were areas where slippy was an understatement and you could lose it so easily here. The nice thing about the second day was the cold damp weather in the hills which the turbo cars loved and the setup in the service camp made you feel like you were at the Network Q Rally. The car didn't miss a beat and all that was serviced was tyres and fuel which we nearly ran out of at the beginning of one stage. James (right) was on top of the game and had no mistakes with notes or timing. That all seemed to go like clockwork as well although I was bemused to see how much that boy can eat during a rally and I really don't know where he puts it. The organisers must be commended for a well put together rally especially the staging of the New Kingston stages which was the ultimate finish for a rally. The marshals were very accommodating and I would say the overall reception of the rally should improve next year's entry list. I would like to thank my sponsors Simpson Motors, Sunbeach, Kerridge and Pirrelli for their continued support, Sean Lashley and service crew who really didn't have much work to do this time, Mr. Stewart from Suzuki Jamaica for housing the car, The Summerbells for their accommodation, Jeanne Crawford for organising the boys again and James for a job well done.

My highlights were
1) New Kingston stage and party atmosphere after
2) Bajan support throughout
3) My favorite stage Bybrook
4) Not a scratch on the car
5) My staple diet of jerk chicken
6) Plans for next years assault.

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