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JMMC/Petcom All Stage Loose Rally
6th - 7th December, 2003
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Team Report: Peter Moodie Jnr. & Michael Fenell Jnr.
We would say that this was our most enjoyable rally to date as a competitor as we are normally spectators by the second day. Initially we started out a bit slow as our team plan was to start at 80% then work our way up. See what the pace of the rally would be and then try to match it, then go for it. We had our biggest scare at the first service as the engine was overheating due to faulty water bung. Thought that was it!!! However after addressing the problem and restarting the car was fine, in fact it was perfect. We were able to come to pace and start our charge from 11th to 5th by the end of the second day.

The greatest moments for us in the rally were

1. Winning our first ever stage on day one, Wakefield followed by Bybrook. That was a turning point for us.
2. Conversing with drivers before stages
3. Winning New Kingston Stages
4. Finishing the Rally without a scratch on the car…

Think what was most impressive was the support from the Bajan fans not undermining the Jamaican fans but the Bajans understanding of the sport and ability to see a team progressing then acknowledging that fact. Just want to say thanks to all fans (Jamaicans, Bajans, Trinis, Russians….)

Would to take this opportunity and wish all the drivers and supporters a Merry Christmas and see you all at Rally Barbados…. To my bridge buddy - sorry but there are no intentions of a repeat of last year. You are on your own with that bridge. Coming with guns blazing…….

Again thanks for everything and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.

Peter Moodie Jnr.
Michael Fenell Jnr.
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