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JMMC/Petcom All Stage Loose Rally
6th - 7th December, 2003
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Team Report: Roger Skeete & Dave Crawford

Jamaica 2003 Petcom Rally was another very enjoyable event, put on by the JMMC. The stages selected this year were once again an improvement over the previous year. The stages at Bogwalk are always a lot of fun to drive and very challenging, as were the Lydford stages in a very different way. Hat's off to all the organizers, Big John, Mike Fennell, Errol Anderson and all the others that have contributed to the event being such a success, of which I am positive there are many, like the sponsors.

Apart from all of the above, the Jamaican's are terrific hosts, always making sure we were looked after. Jeanne, Stillo, Adrian, Brian, and Ian kept Dave & myself on the straight and narrow most times.

The Bajan supporters made all the difference to all the Bajan drivers.
There were a few times there when we were having difficulty out pacing Bajan supporters in the mud at Lyford. It is true to say that they had a slight advantage bare foot with a huge Bajan flag in one hand and a full extra old & coke in the other. It probably had something to do with all of that lotion dem did drinking, but we managed to out run them down the straight.

The first day was a little difficult for us in different ways, one being the water splash where I nearly drowned the car twice in succeeding stages, and then there were the visits to the ORANGE trees, breaking various parts of the car, and my concentration in the process. This was only a problem in three of the first day stages, after which the only issue was being able to see where I was going as the sun set with all the cracks in the windshield on my side!! However thanks to Dave, Jeanne, Hammy and the rest of the crew who replaced the broken glasses and spoilers compliments of the tarmac terrorists who supplied the donor COSSIE that everything was taken from. This took them until around 2:30 - 3:00 am along with the other routine items to be attended to, so Stillo and I went back to the hotel.

The start of day two was an early one around 6:00 am arrival at the restart at Petcom so we had make an early move from the hotel with very little sleep for rest of the crew. The reason for this was an hour and a half transit out to the Lydford stages that as we approached the mountains became very cool and wet, maybe 68-70 degrees. The Bajan crew had the tools to deal with the prevailing weather but we could not utilized any until later that afternoon in New Kingston. However we had trouble free run on day two only adding fuel, water and tyres as needed and keeping the thunder rolling as the weather conditions permitted, on the stages which by mid morning were starting to dry out. Some delays in the last few stages caused some cancellations, but if the cars were to get back to Kingston in time to do the two tarmac stages in town it was the only way. After all they were the quite important to the sponsors and the end of the rally, and the rally fans turned out in their numbers.

Then we were in to the prize giving and the lotions, which continued until it was not possible to read my watch clearly. But it was still possible to see the fellas doing de dog & de bacon on the streets of New Kingston, with some break dancing in between.

We all look forward to next year being as good or better.

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