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Chefette Serves Double Helpings for Mud Dogs
Alleyne and Oneal win Chefette April Safari

There was a double celebration when the Barbados Rally Club's MudDogs assembled on Monday evening (April 18) for the Chefette April Safari Prizegiving: not only were Leslie Alleyne and Chris Oneal rewarded for winning last Saturday's event – round two of the 2011 WTI MudDogs Safari Championship – but Chefette Restaurants confirmed additional sponsorship for the off-road competitors.

As the large gathering enjoyed refreshments courtesy of the event sponsor, it was confirmed that the novice competition would henceforth be known as the Chefette MudDogs Safari Novice Championship; a new Chefette Rookie of the Year award is to be introduced, while the company will also be associate sponsor of the November Mudfest.

Chefette boss Ryan Haloute and advertising manager Lisa Carter presented the awards at the Barbados Clay Target Shooting Association Club House at Searles, Christ Church, joined by Meghan Williams from WTI. MudDogs Chairman Warren Gollop said: "The turnout was fantastic and all of our prize-winners were there. We enjoyed pizza and chicken, compliments of Chefette, which was well received."

Mark Western and Robin Hinds (Yardman/Kar Parts Store Nissan Patrol) had set the early pace in Saturday's event, edging a slight lead on Alleyne and Oneal in the Autozone Inc/Maxxis Tyres Mitsubishi Pajero, with Audley and Jeremy Croney not far adrift in their CC Motorsports Suzuki Samurai.

Winning the second route promoted Ryan Corbin and Dustin Edwards from fourth to second by the end of the day – these two had swapped roles in the Corbin's Catering Services/Sweet Temptations/SDRR Hydraulics & Industrial Spares/Crane & Equipment Toyota Hilux – while third was good enough for Alleyne and Oneal to claim victory. Western/Hinds slipped to fifth on the second route, but their early advantage was sufficient for them to hold on for third, with the Croneys fourth.

Reinforcing Chefette's decision to offer further support to the novices, there was a tremendous fight for honours between Alexander Kellman/Gary Mendes (Lex Fitness/MK Rentals Suzuki Samurai) and Matthew Durant/Trina Griffith (Suzuki Jimny): the former crew won route one, by a big enough margin to end the day novice winners, even though Durant/Griffith prevailed on route two – impressively, they were second overall, with Kellman/Mendes fourth. The two crews finished fifth and sixth overall, Griffith claiming the honours as highest-placed female competitor.

Afterwards, Mendes said: "Novices weren't at a real disadvantage, actually some fared better than the Pros because they went by instructions, rather than experience. There were lots of tricks, but I saw some of them early on and avoided them."

Gollop added afterwards: "Everyone acknowledged that it was a hard event, and that the routes were not to everyone's liking. Route-setter Wayne Clarke was very thorough, though, especially with the high number of novices and first timers who turned out by explaining the tricks and showing his master sheets with the answers."

Saturday's daylight route started at Chefette Speightstown, where the event sponsor provided supper for competitors and marshals at the mid-point, shortly after the Driver Challenge at Cove Bay, St Lucy, where the heavy rains earlier in the week made the going tough; many got through with no issues, but Sean Dowding needed a tow out, while sole female driver Biddy Barber got a big cheer from the good-sized crowd when she completed the challenge. The night-time route, which included a second Driver Challenge – many were deterred by the deep water from attempting this in the dark - finished at Market Hill, St George.

Chefette March Safari – April 16
2011 WTI MudDogs Safari Championship, round 2
1st Leslie Alleyne/Chris Oneal (Autozone Inc/Maxxis Tyres Mitsubishi Pajero), 524 penalties
2nd Ryan Corbin/Dustin Edwards (Corbin's Catering Services/Sweet Temptations/SDRR Hydraulics & Industrial Spares/Crane & Equipment Toyota Hilux), 547pens
3rd Mark Western/Robin Hinds (Yardman/Kar Parts Store Nissan Patrol), 566pens
4th Audley Croney/Jeremy Croney (CC Motorsports Suzuki Samurai), 617pens
5th Alexander Kellman/Gary Mendes (Lex Fitness/MK Rentals Suzuki Samurai), 670pens
6th Matthew Durant/Trina Griffith (Suzuki Jimny), 990pens
7th Gregory Dickenson/Peter Bradshaw (Toyota Hilux), 1036pens
8th Sean Dowding/Kirk Watkins (Axis Inc/Aerotec Services Inc/Huzier Ltd/Mahindra Motorsports Mahindra Pik-Up), 1096pens
9th Ben Norris/Darnley Rayside (Electric Avenue/Pitbull Energy Drink Land Rover Discovery), 1116pens
10th Nicolas Lorde/Warrick Eastmond (Niccolls & Edghill Construction Suzuki Vitara), 1260pens
Route 1 – 1st Western/Hinds, 165pens; 2nd Alleyne/Oneal, 182pens; 3rd Croney/Croney, 206pens; etc
Route 2 – 1st Corbin/Edwards, 303pens; 2nd Durant/Griffith, 316pens; 3rd Alleyne/Oneal, 342pens; etc

2011 Chefette MudDogs Safari Novice Championship, round 2
1st Kellmen/Mendes, 670pens – 5th overall
2nd Durant/Griffith, 990 pens – 6th o/a
3rd Hadley Green/Dane McConney (Hunte Auto Spares/Automotive Art Toyota Hilux), 2149pens – 16th o/a
4th Dominic Straker/Tyler Mayhew (Toyota Land Cruiser), 2342pens – 17th o/a
5th Brian Collymore/Adrian Jackman (Williams Tools/Owlie's Trucking Suzuki Samurai), 2565pens – 18th o/a
6th David Brewster/Winston Drakes (Champion Wrecker Service/Mark's Auto Spares Suzuki Samurai), 2664pens – 19th o/a
Route 1 - 1st Kellman/Mendes, 309pens; 2nd Durant/Griffith, 674pens; 3rd Simon Parravicino/Christian Duncan (Sweet Temptations Toyota Hilux), 697pens; etc
Route 2 - 1st Durant/Griffith, 316pens; 2nd Kellman/Mendes, 361pens; 3rd Green/McConney, 1147pens; etc