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Manning impressed with ex-Roger Skeete Ford Escort WRC
Trevor Manning Driver's Report

What a truly enjoyable weekend it was for myself and the team. From starting out the year unsure about my future in the sport to the quick deal put together to get the car all went by in a blur. I'm thankful Sunday (March 22) proved we made the right choice. I still can't wipe the smile from my face and I have a lot of people to thank for that.

The Sheriff was kind enough to lend me the Montune engine to get familiar with the car and I was pleasantly surprised on how easily adaptable it was. The power and the 6speed Extract box were my instant attractions also the way you can rapidly go down through the box under braking and feel the active diffs biting in was amazing. The flat shift and gear indicator on the dash weren't working so it was a bit of a guessing game at times and there's probably a lot of fine tuning left to do but overall I was very impressed with the initial feel. Wasn't sure how we would compare with the times but the icing on the cake was when we changed to new rubber in the 2nd official run and realised the extra grip then gave us a chance to challenge. A car that you can have loads of fun with yet can mix it in the times makes all the difference.

A bit of work ahead to ready us for the tarmac but we're certainly up for the challenge and looking forward to it. I would like to thank my crew Sean Lashley, Derek Navi and Derek Herbert, De Sheriff and Logic for all their help and input and a special thanks to Roger Mayers for his invaluable knowledge on these cars which certainly helped my drive this weekend. The sponsors All Terrain, Garbage Master, Black Bess Quarry and Mcenearney and of course all the marshals and organisers who bore the hot sun and dust to make it a great event. Looking forward to the Tommy Field beast now.

Trevor Manning

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