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SOL Rally Barbados 2014 Results

Key to nationalities (competitor from Barbados unless shown): Key to nationalities (competitor from Barbados unless shown): ARG – Argentina; ENG – England; IRL – Republic of Ireland; JAM – Jamaica; NIR – Northern Ireland; SCO – Scotland; TCI – Turks & Caicos; TRI – Trinidad & Tobago; WAL – Wales

1st Roger Skeete/Louis Venezia (WRC-1 Sol/LIME/Simpson Motors/Michelin/Williams Trading Inc Subaru Impreza WRC S12), 1h 12m 24.12s
2nd Rob Swann – ENG/Darren Garrod - WAL (WRC-1 Waves Hotel and Spa Barbados/Terra Caribbean/Cygnet Plant Ltd Subaru Impreza WRC S11), 1h 12m 59.10s
3rd John Powell – TRI/Hugh Hutchinson - JAM (WRC-1 Intercontinental Shipping/Trinidad Mooring & Launch Services Ford Focus WRC08), 1h 13m 23.08s
4th Paul Bourne/Stuart Loudon - SCO (WRC-1 Chefette/Banks/MQI/Flow Ford Focus WRC07), 1h 13m 34.00s
5th Roger Duckworth - ENG/Mark Broomfield - ENG (WRC-2 Intrinsys Subaru Impreza WRC S6), 1h 14m 23.33s
6th Jeffrey Panton – JAM/Michael Fennell Jnr – JAM (WRC-1 KIG/Rubis/Blue Orchids Hotel Ford Focus WRC06), 1h 14m 36.74s
7th Kevin Procter – ENG/Philip Hopkins - ENG (WRC-2 Procters Coaches/ Subaru Impreza WRC S7), 1h 14m 57.69s
8th Rhett Watson/James Hutchinson (SM12 Power King Batteries/Carter's Pitstop/Gliptone/Stihl/Packaging Centre/The Unknown Entity/In support of Little Pink Gift BMW M3), 1h 18m 90.20s
9th Andrew Jones/Lindsey Pilkington – ENG (SM11 AP Jones Pharmacy/Southern Surf Beach Apartments/Lucozade/Panadol/Precision Racing Ford Escort MkII), 1h 19m 23.71s
10th Andrew Mallalieu/Geoff Goddard (GpN Terra Caribbean Subaru Impreza N10), 1h 20m 35.09s
11th Frank Kelly – NIR/Robert Cadiz - TRI (SM11 Tyres/Campbell Contract/DMS Ireland/Charlie McEnery Motors/Panta Fuel Ford Escort MkII), 1h 21m 32.25s
12th Daryl Clarke/Russell Brancker (M7 Roberts Manufacturing/P & N Hardware/Valvoline/Amir’s Chicken/MQI Quality/Mum’s Pasta Honda Civic), 1h 22m 03.54s
13th Rupert Lomax – WAL/David Alcock - WAL (GpA DigIt Plant Hire/SMS Motorsport Engineering/GMC Concrete/Ash Engineering/Blakoe Recovery Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI), 1h 22m 09.40s
14th Paul Horton - TCI/Kristian Yearwood (M7 Sky Motorsports/Java Island/H Racing/Precision Racing Ford Escort MkI), 1h 22m 24.81s
15th Nigel Worswick – ENG/Rebecca Kirsch - ENG (SM11 Worswick Engineering/Rallytech Composites/Motordrive Seats Ford Escort MkII), 1h 22m 55.91s
16th Justin Campbell/Juan Watts (SM12 Hilton Barbados/Dream Solutions/Castrol Edge/C & C Auto Services/Acton Corporate Services/Transtech BMW M3), 1h 23m 02.43s
17th Greg Cozier/Jamie Marsh (Hist Hyundai Lubricants/Sailun Tyres/Barbados Historic Rally Carnival Ford Escort RS2000), 1h 24m 23.40s
18th Samuel Cumberbatch/Nicholas Yarde (SM12 F Taylor Insurance/Williams Industries Inc/Auto Link BMW M3), 1h 24m 51.12s
19th Tim Green – ENG/Rob Smith – ENG (GpN Green & Co Subaru Impreza), 1h 25m 30.74s
20th Freddie Gale/Kyle Proverbs (M7 Gale’s Hatcheries/Redline Fuels/Nassco Toyota Corolla RunX), 1h 26m 24.52s
21st Stuart McChlery/Julian Goddard (SM11 Lubriguard/Gunk Ford Escort MkI), 1h 26m 26.24s
22nd Stuart White/John Boland (Hist 39 Steps Wine Bar/Hunikom Swim Wear/UpBeat Wholesale/Makita/Guava Tech BMW 325), 1h 26m 46.20s
23rd John Hardman – NIR/Alistair Dodd - ENG (SM9 John Hardman Engineering/PEC Tyres/Ian Rodgers Body Shop/Chicken Pen Racing/Star Products/Elite Racing Transmissions Nissan Micra), 1h 27m 31.87s
24th Simon Wallis – ENG/Peter Horsman – ENG (GpN Cambridge Compilers Ltd Subaru Impreza N10), 1h 28m 30.24s
25th Eric Allamby/Andrew Skeete (Club Shelbury Construction/Scrap Man Recycling/MC Buccaneer Toyota Corolla), 1h 28m 49.40s
26th Allan Mackay – SCO/Mo Downey – NIR (SM10 Tunnocks/Avanti Environmental/Highland Waste Services/Mark Greer Motorsport/Mountune Ford Anglia WRC), 1h 29m 15.59s
27th Wayne Archer/Lucas Nicolao - ARG (Hist Archers Hall Design Centre/Calvin Alkins Customs Services/Diamonds International BMW 325), 1h 29m 22.76s
28th Chris Shooter - ENG/Bev LeGood – ENG (Int-Hist Sparrow Hill Cars Ford Escort MkII), 1h 31m 58.60s
29th Jamal Brathwaite/Dario Hoyte (M7 Valvoline/Automotive Art/Mackeson/Ellesmere/Chicken Pen Racing Honda Civic Type-R), 1h 33m 48.03s
30th John Corbin/Owen Proverbs (Hist Valvoline/Automotive Art/Prosales/Corbins Garage Toyota Corolla), 1h 34m 06.63s
31st Peter Gallagher – IRL/Rene Forde (Club Dublin Crystal Peugeot 306), 1h 36m 34.58s
32nd Fabien Clarke/Dwayne Forde (Club RCR Tours/Bovell Auto Repair/Barbados Business Listings Suzuki Ignis Sport), 1h 40m 50.97s
33rd Dick Mauger - ENG/Steve McNulty - ENG (M6 Major Farm Services Nissan Micra), 1h 43m 17.96s
34th Ding Boston - ENG/Andy Parsons - ENG (Hist Phillips Tyres of Oxford/Atwell Exports/Julielm House/JB Event Recruitment/Geest Line/Virgin Atlantic Airways/Ullyetts Machine Shop Service/Barbados Automobile Association Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV), 1h 47m 27.31s
35th Cheryl Spencer – ENG/Barry Spencer – ENG (M6 Cutters/10 Saints/Solo Discount Warehouse/Sparkle Pools/Tim Bingham Building Contractors/Waterfront Accident Repair/Motocolour Southampton/Car Call UK/Mission Bodyshop Ford Fiesta), 2h 05m 41.44s

Highest-placed international crew: Swann – ENG/Garrod - WAL (2nd overall)
Highest-placed regional crew: Powell – TRI/Hutchinson – JAM (3rd overall)
Highest-placed female driver: Cheryl Spencer - ENG (35th overall)
Highest-placed female co-driver: Lindsey Pilkington – ENG (ninth overall, co-driver for Andrew Jones)

Starters: 80 (47 Barbados, 28 International, 5 Regional)
Overall finishers: 35 (17 Barbados, 15 International, 3 Regional)

Overall Two-wheel-drive: 1st Watson/Hutchinson; 2nd Jones/Pilkington - ENG; 3rd Kelly - NIR/Cadiz - TRI; 4th Clarke/Brancker; 5th Horton - TCI/Yearwood; 6th Worswick - ENG/Kirsch - ENG; 7th Campbell/Watts; 8th Cozier/Marsh; 9th Cumberbatch/Yarde; 10th Gale/Proverbs; etc

Class results

WRC-1: 1st Skeete/Venezia; 2nd Swann - ENG/Garrod - WAL; 3rd Powell - TRI/Hutchinson - JAM; etc
WRC-2: 1st Duckworth – ENG/Broomfield - ENG; 2nd Procter – ENG/Hopkins - ENG
Group A: 1st Lomax - WAL/Alcock - WAL
GpN: 1st Mallalieu/Goddard; 2nd Green - ENG/Smith - ENG; 3rd Wallis - ENG/Horsman - ENG
GpB1 (not eligible for overall position): Geoffrey Ullyett/Mick Squires - ENG (Ullyett's Machine Shop Service/Chesterton Hydraulic Seals & Gaskets/Valvoline Oil/Algae-X Nissan 120Y), 1h 31m 13.23s; 2nd Brendan Brosnan – IRL/Sean Moriarty – IRL (Ardfert Quarry/KK Hydraulics/Diarmuid Tarrant Car Sales/Motoring World/Tralee Quick Fit/Time Out Hotel/Stoutes Car Rental/High Tide Watersports Peugeot 205), 1h 31m 23.06s
GpB2 (not eligible for overall position): Andrew Costin-Hurley - ENG/Rob Brook - ENG (Earl’s Performance Hoses/Zeta Engineering Ford Puma), 1h 25m 41.35s; 2nd Stuart Deeley – ENG/Vishal Dhanraj - TRI (Sandstone Brewery Ltd/MouseMat Computer Services/PEC/John Hardman Engineering Toyota Celica GT4), 1h 29m 48.70s; 3rd Harold Morley - ENG/Julia Caine (The Booth Steamship Company/Crowley Shipping/Ontrac Telemetrics/Barrons Smokehouse Porsche GT3), 1h 30m 03.33s
SuperModified12: 1st Watson/Hutchinson; 2nd Campbell/Watts; 3rd Cumberbatch/Yarde
SM11: 1st Jones/Pilkington - ENG; 2nd Kelly – NIR/Cadiz - TRI; 3rd Worswick - ENG/Kirsch - ENG; etc
SM10: 1st Mackay - SCO/Downey - NIR
SM9: 1st Hardman - NIR/Dodd - ENG
Historic: 1st Cozier/Marsh; 2nd White/Boland; 3rd Archer/Nicolao - ARG; etc
International Historic: 1st: Shooter - ENG/LeGood - ENG; 2nd Boston - ENG/Parsons - ENG
M7: 1st Clarke/Brancker; 2nd Horton - TCI/Yearwood; 3rd Gale/Proverbs; etc
M6: 1st Mauger - ENG/McNulty - ENG; 2nd Spencer - ENG/Spencer - ENG
Clubman: 1st Allamby/Skeete; 2nd Gallagher - IRL/Forde; 3rd Clarke/Forde