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CD Auto Run
How to Turn it ON/OFF
Your computer can automatically run or play CDs when they are inserted into the CD drive. This includes games, multimedia, and audio CDs. Most computers systems are usually set up to run CDs automatically. This tutorial will show you how to turn the Auto Run feature ON or OFF.
Step 1: Right Click on the "My Computer" Icon and choose "Properties"
Step 2: Click the "Device Manager" Tab (see image below)
System Properties (Device Manager)
Step 3: Click the "plus" sign next to "CDROM"
The computer will list the CDROM or CD-R drives you have installed (see image above)
Step 4: Select the Drive you want to use and click the "Properties" button. (see image above)
Tip: you can also right click on the drive and choose "Properties" from the list or simply double click the drive.
Step 5: Click on the "Settings" Tab from the Properties Dialog box. (see image below)
Settings Dialog Box
Step 6: Make sure the "Auto insert notification" box is check to turn Auto Run ON. Uncheck the box to turn Auto Run OFF. (see image above)
Step 7: Click the "OK" button after making your selection. You will be returned to the Device Manager screen. Click the "OK" button again to finish.
Quick Tip
If you insert a CD and you don't want it to be run automatically, Hold down the Shift Key while inserting the CD into the drive (hold the shift key until the CD Drive's read light goes off). This will stop the CD from auto running.