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Do you know how to check your car's battery? Many drivers often rely on gas station service attendants to check their car's battery for water. Checking the battery for water quite a simple task that you can learn to do on your own. But, is there any other maintenance your battery might need? Our research team interviewed the battery specialist at Unique Battery & Electrical Service to find out.
1. How often should you check the water?
2. How do you remove the battery cap to add the water?
3. Does it matter if you use Tap water or Distilled water?
4. How much water should you put in?
5. What happens if you over fill it?
6. What happens if it runs too low?
7. How often should you check the voltage?
8. What should the voltage read?
9. What may be the cause of a low voltage reading?
10. How do you know when the battery needs changing?
11. Generally how often does it need changing?
12. How can I extend the life of the battery?
13. What causes the battery to lose power?
14. Is there anything you should never do with a battery?
Information provided courtesy of Unique Battery & Electrical Service
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