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MCBI Quaker State All-stage Rally,
Sun, Apr 13, 2003
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Team Report: Lindsay Farmer / Chad Hadley
For Chad and myself, the preparation for the rally started on Monday night when we started making pace notes for Sailor Gully to Welchtown, Harris to Pickering and Cherrytree Hill stages. Then on Tuesday night we did Canefield, Todds to Kendal, and Brighton to Melverton. As for preparation to the car, all that was required was putting on new brake pads on Friday, to make sure to avoid the previous rallies misfortune.

We were unable to make scrutineering on Saturday afternoon due to Chads work commitments and some minor work that was still going on to the car. So we were scrutineered at the beginning of the rally on Sunday.

We entered in group S on the night of the briefing meeting, along with Adrian and Jonathan Linton, Nick Gill and Robert Warren, and Jonathan Still and Heath Hazel, so a fairly competitive group, but more importantly, a good group of guys. Before I forget, I would like to thank Nick, and his wife Barbara, Robert, Lincoln Gill, Stuart Garcia and Christie Blades for helping me as pit crew.

All in all I had a good, relatively incident free event. I wasn't on the pace of the rest of the group, but wasn't too bothered. I was just glad to be driving and have the car working well, with my only complaint being that it was understeering quite a bit, especially at the Canefield hairpin and the left at Kendal Pond (thought I had the telephone pole for sure.)

As for the stages, I especially like the Welchtown section of the Sailor Gully stage, and the Harris to Pickering stage. We had a bit of scare on the second run of Cherrytree Hill at the jump, when I waited later than normal to brake, and as a result probably locked up the brakes and skated over the jump in a straight line towards the gabians, but was able to get the car away just in time. Then on the second run of the Canefield stage I got a flat in the bad surfaced bottom section and lost 7seconds over my first time. The only spares I had were some old 195 Toyos (i normaly run 225s) so I had to change both fronts, and as a result the understeer became even worse, but we only had 4 stages remaining so I lived with it. Then there was Bushy Park. This was the first time I had ever driven the track, and had no idea how much traction it had. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get the back of the car to slide as I wanted, and as a result I think I messed up EVERY bend, and almost missed the turn off into the go cart section the second time around. Luckily Chad had his head on, and realised I was suffering from "Brain Fade", and was able to get me to stop before totally overshooting the turn.

Congratulations to all those who finished, especially Adrain and Jonothan Linton, who won the group with no seat time in the new Evolution of the Kickastra. Also congrats to the MCBI for having a well run event on a shoe string budget. And as always thanks to my sponsors Nassco, Philips Lighting, St. James Travel, and Mobil 1 for helping us out this year, and without whom the 3rd place in group would not have been possible.

Intro Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 Videos Driver Reports
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