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MCBI Quaker State All-stage Rally,
Sun, Apr 13, 2003
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Team Report: Adrian Linton / Jonathan Linton
The rally for us started on Wednesday. We did not want to take out the old engine until 16 valve engine was in our possession, which was delivered to AutoZone on Wednesday. The engine went in on Thursday along with suspension bushings and brakes. The gearbox had to come back out on Friday to sort out the release bearing. We started the engine late Friday night after some jerry-rigging to by-pass things which the ecu would normally take care of. The brake lines and pressure regulating valves had to be re-done to give clearance for the carb trumpets. At 1:30 am we decided to leave this for Saturday.

Saturday - The inlet manifold had to come off to drill and tap for a vacuum line for the brake booster. Putting it back on we found that it was fouling the alternator, so we hacked off the offending bit of said alternator. Put back together...ok. Fit carbs and now the alternator was fouling the carbs. Some more hacking and they finally fit. Some re-wiring to take care of the jerry-rigged bits was done, along with re-plumbing of brake lines. Engine started around 8:00 p.m. Various adjustments, brake bleeding and tidying up later we went for a test drive at 11:00 pm. Problem. Electrical short and burnt wires. (note-seat belt shoulder pads are non-conductive )

Got everything sorted, test drove again and headed home at 2:30 am

Sunday - The car ran reliably all day, no major issues showed up. There is a minor oil leak we need to fix, the carbs need setting up properly and we need to do some adjustments to the front suspension. The rally itself was great. The car ran well but is a little down on power. Getting the carbs sorted will cure this. The LSD took a bit of getting used to and was quite nervous on some of the bad surfaces. Front suspension work should help this. Brakes feel really good now. We decided before the rally to take it easy and get to know the car and feel it out. The times were not fantastic but we achieved what we set out to do.....finish. The car has a lot of potential for improvement, and we will be working on this over the next few events leading up to the Rally Barbados.

There were some late night and long hours to get the car ready, but we feel that it was well worth the effort. I would like to thank my sponsors AutoZone (especially Leslie Alleyne who was supposed to be home sick but was working with us until the wee hours of Sunday morning), Crane and Equipment and Williams Trading Inc. Without their support and assistance entering the rally on Sunday would not have been possible.

Yours in Motor sport

Adrian Linton

Intro Page 1 2 3 4 5 Videos Driver Reports
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