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VRMSC Red Bull Int'l RallySprint
Vaucluse Raceway,
Sat, May 27, 2006
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192 Photos by Himal Reece


Group winner's Handicap KnockOut
Run-off: Tristan Gibbs beat Neil Barnard
Quarter-finals: Gibbs beat Brett Clarke; Adrian Linton beat Ian Warren; Sean Gill beat Neil Corbin; Paul Bourne beat Jonathan Still
Semi-finals: Gibbs beat Linton; Gill beat Bourne
Final: Gibbs beat Gill
Pig'n'Likka Driver of the Day: Dominic Worsfold - ENG

Best time of the day - Paul Bourne, 2m 04.58s
Best overseas time of the day - Kevin Procter - ENG, 2m 06.42s
Best front-wheel-drive time of the day - Sean Gill, 2m 09.08s
Best rear-wheel-drive time of the day - Mark Hamilton, 2m 12.03s

Awards provided courtesy of D Blades Trophies Ltd

Production 1 & 2 merged 1st Neil Barnard (Simpson Motors/Shell Helix/Automotive Art Suzuki Ignis Sport); 2nd Danny Williams (TransTech/All Connect/Sunbury Plantation Peugeot 106); 2nd Andre Snobel (Toyota Starlet); 4th Carlos Humphrey (Castrol/Bridgestone/Business Interiors International/Nomis Ltd/Regional Fire & Safety/Promotech Inc/Secure RM Toyota Starlet); 5th Andrew Skeete (Hitachi Power Tools/Rent-a-quip/Quality Tyre Mitsubishi Lancer)
Production 3 1st Tristan Gibbs (Rent-a-Tool/Scorpion Liners/Boyss Ltd/Algae X/Corrosion Block/Surfside Gym Toyota Starlet Turbo); 2nd Karl Waterman (Hyundai Commercial & Industrial Toyota Starlet); 3rd Stephen Moore (Rid-a-Bug Toyota Corolla)
Modified 5 1st Brett Clarke (Shell Helix/Automotive Art/Plus Suzuki Swift GTi); 2nd James Betts (Kendal Sporting/Hankook Tyres/Van Betts Marble Man/Champion Auto Wrecker/Yamaha/Makita/All Terrain Plus/QuikStart Auto Opel Corsa GSi); 3rd Paul McMullan - ENG (Plaice T & R Insurance/Motoscope/Hardrock Flooring Proton Satria); 4th Jeremy Gonsalves (Kendal Sporting/QuikStart Auto/Champion Auto Wrecker/Yamaha/Star Products/Makita/Yusuf Auto Clinic/All Terrain Plus Suzuki Forsa GTi); 5th Stuart White (Ace Recovery/Williams Equipment/Ullyetts Machine Shop/Errie's Tyre Service Toyota Corolla); 6th Ryan Wood (Sitemasters Toyota Starlet)
Modified 6 1st Ian Warren (Subzero/Details Car Valet Inc/McEnearney Quality Collision Repair Centre Peugeot 206GTi); 2nd Dominic Worsfold - ENG (BBA Courier Systems/Rowes Commercials/Jeremy Knight/Mark Thomas/Fighting Fit Ford Fiesta XR2); 3rd Neil Armstrong (Bridgestone/Nassco/Lubriguard Toyota Starlet); 4th William Branch (Automotive Art/ImitationTrees.com Toyota Corolla)
Modified 7 1st Adrian Linton (Ravensden/Crane & Equipment/Garbage Gobbler/West Coast Garden Centre/Edwin Clarke Furniture Vauxhall Astra GSi); 2nd Greg Cozier (Citgo/Hyundai Commercial & Industrial Ford Escort RS2000); 3rd Roger Marshall (Photofinish.net Hyundai Accent); 4th Freddie Gale (Gale's Hatcheries/NASSCO/Nitrous Formula Octane Booster/Nishikoi Fish Foods Toyota Corolla RunX); 5th Simon Wallis - ENG (www.DialPrefix.co.uk/SRG Engineering Peugeot 205GTI)
SuperModified 10 1st Neil Corbin (Nassco/CAC Enterprises Toyota Starlet); 2nd William Branch (Automotive Art/ImitationTrees.com Toyota Corolla); 3rd Simon Gillmore (SRG Engineering/Halton Graphics Peugeot 205); 4th Sean Gibbs (Boardwalk Realty Nissan 160Y); 5th Josh Read (Automotive Art/Baram Services/Forever Flowers/D Blades Trophies Ltd Toyota Starlet); 6th Matt Fowle - ENG (BBA Courier Systems/Rowes Commercials/Jeremy Knight/Mark Thomas/Fighting Fit Ford Fiesta XR2)
SuperModified 11 1st Sean Gill (Simpson Motors/Shell Helix/Automotive Art Suzuki Swift); 2nd Mark Hamilton (Consolidated Finance/McEnearney Quality Inc Ford Escort MkII); 3rd Graham Manning (Ford Cortina); 4th Geoffrey Ullyett (S11 Ullyett's Machine Shop Service Nissan 200Y); 5th Reggie Gill (S11 SDRR Vauxhall Chevette); 6th Rob Brook - ENG (S11 SRG Engineering/Halton Graphics Peugeot 205)
SuperModified 12 1st Jonathan Still (Hitachi Power Tools/Philips Lighting/Warrens Motors/Crane & Equipment/VP Racing BMW M3); 2nd Martin Stockdale - ENG (Plasterland/Drive-a-Matic BMW M3 GTR); 3rd Calvin Briggs (Ford Escort MkII)
Production 4 & Modified 8 1st Paul Bourne (Warrens Motors/Plus Subaru Impreza WRC); 2nd Trevor Manning (Simpson Motors/Shell Helix/Automotive Art Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII); 3rd Kevin Procter - ENG (Procters Coaches/PC Vehicle Rentals/Motoscope Subaru Impreza); 4th Roger Hill (Mobil 1/Nassco Ltd/Motormac/PPG Toyota Celica GT4); 5th Steve Perez - ENG (VK Vodka Kick Ford Focus WRC); 6th Harold Morley - ENG (Warrens Motors/Sunbeach Communications Subaru Impreza WRC S9); 7th Kirk Watkins (Abacus Builders Inc/Plus/Planned Maintenance Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V); 8th Geoffrey Noel (Globe Finance/Café Blue/Automotive Art/Sunbeach Communications Inc/Essco Subaru Impreza WRC); 9th Fred Davidson - ENG (Deansbury Homes Ltd Ford Escort Cosworth); 10th Andrew Johnson - ENG (Subaru Impreza WRX)

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