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Information complements the Barbados Rally Timing Team
If you had to opportunity to pass the timing tents since the start of our 2003 motorsports season, you may have noticed some "New Timing Equipment". This new timing system has been introduced by the "Rally-Timing" organization and has raised the level of professionalism in Barbadian motorsport. We already have top of the line cars, so it's only suitable that we have top of the line timing equipment complementing the motorsport package. In this article you will learn all about how the new timing equipment is used, and how it has increased the accuracy and speed in producing timing results.

Rally Timing is a non-profit organization, initiated and developed by a group of rally competitors, to aid the island's clubs in the process of timing - the sport's main fulcrum.

It was decided to walk down this path so as to achieve an even higher standard in the island's sport. The main theory of the equipment is as follows:

  • Less Human Input
  • More Accuracy
  • Shortcuts/Less Time

Whereas the old way used to be:


We have now managed to achieve:


As you can see, we've cut out four whole steps and undoubtedly made the system less prone to errors.



The equipment has been brought in from a European Timing company. It is one of the few companies which create timing equipment which further goes to World Rally Championship events:


"Taken from the Linkin Park - In the End / WRC Video"

The Timy
Also know as the "Computer Brain" behind the whole operation. This is where times are stored and eventually downloaded at the end of every run. It comes with a large keypad and LCD which operators use to input and check competitor numbers. It is equipped with a printer which backups the data and serves as proof for any queries.


StartClock & Traffic Lights
The ultimate driver's dream - to be able to finally start on the precise time and with the aid of a traffic light system. It is also a big plus for the marketing of the sport, since international competitors will be already familiar with the system and will be quickly able to adapt themselves in the race.

-10 secs
-5 secs

The vital recorders - both jumpstarts and finish times are calculated using these devices stop signals. They can extend to distance as much 25m from each other and are not affected by rain or sun. They are very easy to align and it usually takes no more than 30 secs to do so.

Headphones & 300m Field Line
The newest addition to the equipment list; its main objective - to improve communication between FLYING FINISH & FINISH-FINISH, by avoiding wireless and using cable instead. This is done to avoid any mistakes in the issuing of FINISH times to the competitors.




Things to help

  • Follow Marshal's instructions especially when close to either START or FINISH areas; due to the photocells being laid there, no spectators should cross those areas as it will make the organizers job very hard/
  • Instruct your friends about the above
  • Volunteer to help as a marshal - e-mail rallytiming@yahoo.com
  • Volunteer to help as a Rally Timer - e-mail a copy of your past computer experience and facts about yourself to rallytiming@yahoo.com
Team Members
Stage Controllers
(no photo available)
Ryan Corbin
Allan Croney
Charles Johnson
Rally Control Operators
Michael Lambert
Chris Derrel
Rally-Timing Sponsors
Special thanks to the Barbados Rally Timing Team for providing the information in this article.
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