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Win a JustBajan.com T-shirt just by telling your friends about JustBajan.com. Our T-shirt giveaway is our way of saying thanks to you for visiting JustBajan.com. Thank you for sending us your feedback, thank you for submitting your opinions in "Opinion Matters" and thank you for all the support. Ok, OK, so you want to know how to win.
Here's How to Enter the JustBajan.com "Tell A Buddy" competition. (You may want to print this)
Step 1: Sign up to enter the Competition
Step 2: Correctly answer a Trivia question.
Step 3: If your answer is correct we will send you an email similar to the illustration below.
Step 4: Forward the email to at least ten (10) friends telling them about JustBajan.com.
Enter our email address (justbajan@justbajan.com) in the Cc: field (Carbon Copy) so that we know you sent it.
If you answer the question correctly
we will send you an email similar to below
Thanks for entering JustBajan.com's "Tell A Buddy Competition." You have answered our question correctly. Remember, Forward this email to at least ten (10) friends to qualify. Don't forget to Carbon Copy (Cc:) us. Draw takes place on [Date]
Thanks to those who entered.
This Competition has Ended.
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