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2 Button Mouse
The standard mouse will have two buttons. This type is very popular and probably the cheapest.

Scroll Mouse or Wheel Mouse: The surfer's choice
This type of mouse is quickly gaining popularity. They are similar to the 2 button mice, with the addition of a wheel in the middle. The wheel is used to scroll though pages on the screen instead of using the scroll bars. Once you get accustom to using the wheel, you will find that you can't do without it. The wheel often functions as a third button as well. This mouse is the perfect choice if you spend most of your time on the Internet.

Mice with more than 2 buttons
Some mice come with lots of buttons. These additional buttons are programmable. That means you can assign them to specific task, such as launching your Internet browser or running your email program. Software is included to allow you to program the additional buttons.

Optical. Mice with no balls!
Moving up the money scale, you can get an optical mouse. No longer will you have to worry about cleaning a dirty mouse ball. No need for a mouse pad either. You can even use it on your leg. They're much faster and more accurate than mice with balls.
The underside of the Microsoft Optical Mouse

Wireless. The Mouse with no tail
If you are tired of all those wires getting in the way, there is the wireless option. These mice are the most expensive. These mice also use optical technology.
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