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Can you guess what this is?
Hint 1: It is something living.
Hint 2: Photo 2 added
Partial Photos
Photo 1
Photo 2
Congratulations! You Guessed It.
It's a Dragon Fly
Question cracked in 3 days
Submitted Answers
First correct answer submitted by Spidude
Jason Evelyn - dragon fly
Ian - Insect
Adrian - pond fly
Adrian -dragon fly
spidude - Dragonfly
(Below) Submitted answers when only photo 1 was displayed
Rodney - fish
Ginger - Plant shoot
Ginger - Insect
Marcia - grasshopper
Mark - Bamboo
Sharon - Mosquito Larva
Tanya - Caterpillar

Submitted answers will be posted in batches of 3 whether they are correct or not. We will later identify which, if any, answers are correct.
Remember to check back for new clues
& additional pieces of the photo
Question date: 20th Oct, 2001
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