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Can you guess what this is?
Answer posted
Hint 1: It is small enough to fit in one hand
Hint 2: Remember, all photos used in the guessing games are taken in Barbados. (e.g. it can't be snow)
Hint 3: It is light in weight
Hint 4: You discard it when you are done.
Hint 5: Photo 2 Added.
Partial Photo
Photo 1
Photo 2
Congratulations! Someone Finally Guessed It.
Its a Peanut Shell
Submitted Answers
First correct answer submitted by Gail Francis
Capleton - curtain
Shy guy - greenpea shell
Spidude - fat pork seed
Spidude - apple core
Spidude - dunk seed
Gail Francis -the inside of a nut shell
(Below) Submitted answers when only photo 1 was displayed
Spidude - sugar cane
Jordan2g - Roti skin
spidude - plastic bag
spidude - rotten tooth
tien - is it cigaweed?........
Jo - cat
RallyMan - snotty tissue
Dalton Holder - sea shell
Rum_Sponge - Cigarette
Rum_Sponge - Napkin
Still no correct answers below.
Crystalie - roti
Spidude - sugar
BajanUnity - Mixture for a Baked Good
Drew - frosted flake
kimC - fungus
Drew - grain of sand
Rum_Sponge - Anthrax - RUN AWAY!!!!
Spidude - marshmellow
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Still no correct answers below.
Ernel - handkerchief
Jason Leon - corn flakes
Jordan2g - Chalk Rock
spidude - waterfall
Spidude - river
Michelle - pizza
badman - omlett
Top Iron - pancake
Still no correct answers below.
Chernell - cornflakes and milk
Ped - deer
Bim-K - Goat fur
t.cloud - goat
Mr. Tinkles - de fur on my back
Tanya - snow in bush
t.cloud - chinees vase
alicia atkinson - smoke
None of the answers below are even close. I've gotcha now!
Kamilah Husbands - I donot have a clue
Chernell Parris - coral
time bomb - dog's fur coat
T.cloud - DOG
Jennifer - coral
Big_Bajan - A ugly tablecloth

Submitted answers will be posted in batches of 3 or more, whether they are correct or not. We will later identify which, if any, answers are correct.
Remember to check back for new clues
& additional pieces of the photo
Question date: 5th Dec, 2001
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