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Can you guess what Plant this is?
Photo 1
Congratulations! You've Guessed It.
It's the Aloe Vera Plant
Here is how it looked a few weeks later
(Did you even know it had a Flower?)
Submitted Answers
First correct answer submitted by Spidude
Roman Candle - Rum Sponge
waterlily - kezia
aloe stock - bagal
agape flower - beans
helaconia - angel
roman candel - Q
dog dumplin tree - T CLOUD
FigPlant - Nobby
aloa vera - burn
aloe vera flower - beans
aloe vera plant - spidude

Submitted answers will be posted in batches of 3 or more, whether they are correct or not. We will later identify which, if any, answers are correct.
Remember to check back for new clues
& additional pieces of the photo
Question date: 19th Feb, 2002
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