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Can you guess what this is?
Answer posted
Tip: Check the wrong answers before guessing.
Hint 1: Photo 2 added
Hint 2: Photo 3 added
Hint 3: Photo 4 added. This should help :-)
Partial Photos
Photo 1 (close up)
Photo 2 (close up)
Photo 3 (close up)
Photo 4 (close up)
Congratulations! You've Guessed It.
It's A Fishing Boat's Propeller
Question took 31 days to crack
Submitted Answers
First correct answer submitted by Spidude
old fishing boat propeller - bashy
turtle shell - Taz
tree branch - somebody
coral stone - mattydan
a buoy - missy
propeller - bashment gals
mushroom - puggy
fishing boat propeller - spidude
fishing boat - spidude
prop on the bottom of a boat - lewgal
dry cocunut - pbx44
(Below) Submitted answers when only photos 1, 2 & 3 were displayed. None are correct :-)
Driftwood - RumSponge
coral - trinibaje
a fungus on the bottom of a boat - jarrod
under water cave - jarrod
tree stump - Joking
an old half of a sweetpotato - PUGGY
limestone - da devil
sunken ship underwater - Taz
underwater coral rock - Taz
Yam - Rockie
tree bark - liverpool
wing of a moth - anderson
Fungus on a cut tree truck - RumSPonge
shell - stokes
mushroom growing on a log - beans
beak of a peacock - beans
Sizzle! It's getting hot in here. Somebody's answer below is really hot!! We want an answer that is a little more precise.
tree trunk - tbaje
inside cave - skag
old fishing boat - rub
peacock feather - beans
fungus growing on log - beans
coconut - spidude
log - spidude
sweet potato - spidude
bottom of a boat - drza
(Below) Submitted answers when only photos 1 & 2 were displayed. None are correct :-)
a rusty old car - Missy
rusty galvanize - Striker
tree trunk???? - dogg
tree - z patel
bottom of drum - Kurupt
The bottom of a steelpan - Cla-C
front bucket of a tractor - burn
race track - lk;
race track - alex
Underwater pipe - me
(Below) Submitted answers when only photo 1 was displayed. None are correct :-)
Wheel - LT
algae - sweet
something stale - jay jay
rock - slim
rice - baje
fish - Dawn
a rock - JJ
stale bread - drza
Vegetable - Emystic
Rock - Q
Still no correct answers below.
tire - kelly
sea shell - beans
rock - H4cK
thing-ah-ma-gig - joc
tree branch - jamal
a moldy tree branch - Gen
larva? - bob
lace - beans
Moon - Nobby
None of the answers below are even close.
tree bark - burn
a cut tree - sweet p
coral - rasta
log - kim
sea fan - beans
coral - beans
wood - niki

Submitted answers will be posted in batches of 3 or more, whether they are correct or not. We will later identify which, if any, answers are correct.
Remember to check back for new clues
& additional pieces of the photo
Question date: 19th Feb, 2002
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