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Can you guess what this is?
Answer posted
Hint 1: Photo 2 added
Hint 2: Photo 3 added
Partial Photos
Photo 2
Photo 3
Congratulations! You've Guessed It.
It's a Stevenson Screen
A Stevenson Screen is a standard housing for meteorological thermometers. Instruments usually found in a Stevenson Screen are Dry and Wet Bulb Thermometers, Maximum & Minimum Thermometers, a Thermograph and a Hydrograph. This Stevenson Screen was photographed at the Barbados Meteorological Rawinsonde Station (very close to Paragon Base, Christ Church).
Congrats LB! Double Gold Winner.
You where the only person to get it right.

Honourable Mention Star Award:
1st Person to Try - hutch
Good Try (#13) - Jack

Submitted Answers
14 incinerator down by port - Goslyn
13 Weather Station - Jack
12 part of an old cane factory - lespat14
11 A Stevenson screen - LB
10 fuse box - Bajan Hut
9 Guard Hut - Bajan Hut
8 something up by the landfill - lespat14
(Below) Incorrect answers submitted when only photos 1 & 2 were displayed
7 old generator hut - action gal
6 hut down Bathsheba - spidude
5 Chicken Coop - Bajan Hut
4 Fishing Boat - RumSponge
(Below) Incorrect answers submitted when only photo 1 was displayed
3 old school building with broken bell - Goslyn
2 my outside toilet :) - taz
1 old ventilation fan - hutch

Remember to check back for new clues
& additional pieces of the photo
Question date: 14th Oct, 2002
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