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Can you guess what this is?
Hint 1: Some of the answers are close but you tried to be too specific and got it wrong. Remember its only a partial photo. Give a more general answer.
Partial Photo
Photo 1 (close up)
Congratulations! You've Guessed It.
It's an Apple
Congrats Bajan Hut! Double Gold Winner.
You were the only person to get it right.

Honourable Mention Star Awards:
1st Person to Try - SuperD
Good Try - Janelle, Shawn, Stephnie, Princess, Joking

Ps. It is not decaying, it is not in half, it is not an apple core and its not eaten. That's why when we show you a partial photo, a general answer has a better chance of winning. Don't try to be too specific :-)
Submitted Answers
36 seashell - blackant
35 bread - blackant
34 an apple. i convinced is an apple. wha more can i say? - Bajan Hut
33 volcano - michelle
32 Harrison's Cave - Ria
31 River Bay - Ria
30 coconut shell - blackant
29 pie crust - just me
28 eaten apple - Joking
Below: Answer submitted before hint 1
27 Apple Pie - Just Me
26 papaw - Goslyn
25 larvae - licious
24 Top of a Pie - CanadaSandee
23 sea sponge - lespat
22 a net from de beach - Jay z
21 Half an english apple - Bajan Hut
20 A cocoon - Tricia
Hmm. You guys are getting close, but technically incorrect
19 cut open calabash - nigel
18 A pastry - Duane
17 spongy bone - ras
16 pommegranate husk - Goslyn
15 open padu shell - kel
14 Half an apple [sorry guys :D] - Bajan Hut
13 apple core - Princess
12 saltfish - lespat14
11 apple core-shawn - stephnie
10 seasponge - lespat14
9 Is it Uranus or mine??? Looks like candy...perhaps sugarcake - Sir Frog
8 sea moss - bajanbeans
7 some old rust out ting - baje
5 Decaying Apple - Janelle
4 a pommegranate - boo
3 a guava - Mel
2 hole in hard coconut - DiddyP
1 Animal Flower Cave - SuperD

Remember to check back for new clues
& additional pieces of the photo
Question date: 14th Nov, 2002
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