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Where was this photo taken from?
Answer posted
Partial Photo
Full Photo
Congratulations! You've Guessed It.
It's St. Barnabas, St. Michael

(Left turn to Bussa, Right Turn to CBC)
PS. I took this photo on my roof as snoop said (not my patio RallyMan)... and it seems a few of you know where I live :-)
Submitted Answers
First correct answer submitted by Bajan Hut
18 near CBC - sugarbaby
17 View od ABC hi-way between bussa and cbc) - lucky guesser
16 hill leading from pinehull dairy to bussa - eyespye
15 Road from St. Barnabas Church, Opposite Mount Friendship - Angela
14 right ova the road from the polytechnic - lost
13 st. George - destiny
12 the road coming from cbc goin to julien - its just me
11 cherry tree hill - bajangirl
10 by cbc - Metoknowutofindout
9 St. Barnabas - Lova-bull
8 St. Barnabas...turn right (illegally) and CBC's up the hill! - Tish
7 Resorvoir Road - Ainsley
6 yeah, that' St. Barnabas..my cousin lives round the corner - Sir Frog
5 shot taken from your patio facing Julie'N Hagget hall - spidude
4 redman's village - taz
3 On a rooftop. - Snoop
2 St. Barnabas [Pretty close to you i believe] - Bajan Hut
1 on your patio dude!! - RallyMan

Question date: 28th August, 2002
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