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Can you guess exactly where &
what this is?
Partial Photo
Full Photo
Congratulations! You've Guessed It.
It's the Hut behind Oistins Fish Market
Congrats Firefox! You Guessed it 1st

Honourable Mention Star Awards:
1st Person to Try -
Funniest Answer (#1)
- RumSponge
Runners Up - lespat14, ImprezaWRC2003, Bajan Hut

Submitted Answers
19 Pelican Village - Signal lights - Passionfruit Juice
18 d top of a signal station - Really Rotton
17 signal @gun hill - hypakat
16 Gun Hill Signal Station,St. George - Ria
15 Signal Station - Ria
14 weathervane - blackant
13 the signal on the top Cave Hill Campus residence building - stacy
12 The fuel pump house on Oistins fish market jetty - Bajan Hut
11 Airport Approach Signal Light :D - Bajan Hut
10 i just shocked by Rum Sponge - Bajan Hut
9 light on top of heloport in bridgetown - sinbab bad bad
8 roof of hut in oistins fish market - ImprezaWRC2003
7 building behind the oistins fish market - lespat14
6 a beacon - near the airport - Lauralicious
5 top of signal station - baje
4 Communications Building, Oistins Fish Market - Firefox
3 I ain't know but it look like Gun Hill to me - Janelle
2 on top gun hill signal station - Bim-K
1 My Roof- A Welcome Stick for Jenna Jameson - RumSponge

Remember to check back for new clues
& additional pieces of the photo
Question date: 14th Nov, 2002
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