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Can you guess what/where this is?
This one is a tough one. One month un-cracked. The 4th photo has to give it away.
Hint 1: Photo 2 Added
Hint 2: 1834 was an important year
Hint 3: Photo 3 Added
Hint 4: Photo 4 Added
Partial Photos
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Congratulations! You've Guessed It.
It's the Emancipation Statue (Bussa)
I think Photo 4 gave it away.
1834 was the year slavery was abolished.
Question cracked in 33 days
Submitted Answers
First correct answer submitted by Big_Bajan
whader - world war memorial
Hutch - Bussa
JosH - bussa
Bim-K - Bussa statue
Comatosed - emancipation statue
Chernell Parris - Bussa Statue
Big_bajan - emancipation statue
(Below) Submitted answers when 3 photos were displayed
Racquel Walcott - plaque
Neil - WW 2 monument
(Below) Submitted answers when only photo 1 was displayed
Spidude - plaque at Sherbourne
Carlos Edwards - swing bridge arch
Spidude - de arch by de bridge

Question date: 26th Oct, 2001
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