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Kite Flying at Vaucluse, St. Thomas
Mon, April 1, 2002
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This kite had evil in its eyes. This was the highest it flew before it came crashing down, nearly "knocking out" a photographer for the Nation Newspaper.
If that wasn't enough, the guys tried again to get it into the air, but once again it came crashing down. This time, it sent an elderly lady diving to the turf for safety. All four attempt to get this kite flying failed, and each time it sent spectators scampering for cover.
This was the kite everyone was waiting to see fly... or try to fly. Approximately 40 feet tall, spectators argued weather it even had a chance to fly. "It too big", "de wind ain't strong enough", "it gine breck up", "de rope too thin", "it getting late, when these men gine fly this thing!?"
After hours of waiting, the guys were ready to fly the big one. The kite's rope was attached to a truck which was going to pull the kite into the air. Just look at the amount of teamwork it took to get the kite standing. Then there were shout of "pull", and pull the truck did.... Then... BRACKS!!!
The Kite's frame broke and that was its end. Good effort guys!
These kites on the other hand made it to the end of the show.
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