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How to Recognize Drug Addiction
Most addicts adamantly deny to themselves and to others that they are addicted. Often, they are convinced that they can stop they substance abuse at will. As the addiction becomes more controlling and as they become more aware of their dependence, addicts often begin to go great lengths to conceal their conditions.
Family members can sometimes contribute to the denial of addiction by closing their eyes to what are often clear signals that something is very wrong. Acknowledging the addiction of a close friend or relative is a painful experience, but the step in any attempt to help a drug user is recognizing the signs of possible addictions.
Questions to ask
Here are some questions to ask yourself if you suspect someone that you know may be using drugs:

1. Are they any major changes in behaviour? Is the person more irritable than usual? Does he or she have "temper tantrums"? Is there unusual indifference or apathy?

2. Does the person want to be alone more than usual? Does he or she spend inordinate amounts of time isolated from the rest of the family?

3. Does the person spend more time away from home?
4. Does the person have a great deal less money than one would expect?
5. Are there telephone calls at odd hours?

6. Are there major changes in friends?

7. Is there a dramatic change of performance on the job or at school?

8. Is there money, gold and things of value missing from the house?

9. Has there been a change in energy levels: listlessness, fatigue, etc.?

10. Has there been a change in eating habits?

None of these signals in isolation suggests that anyone is addicted to drugs. However, if the answer to a number of these questions were "yes", it would be wise to consider the possibility that drugs may be part of the picture. If this is the case, the next step should certainly be treatment of the addiction.
Taken from the book "Drugs The Sinking Rock" by Ansel Watts
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