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Common Cooking Terms
Bake To cook in an oven.
Baste To moisten food while cooking.
Batter A smooth mixture of flour, liquid, and other ingredients. A batter should pour.
Boil To cook in boiling liquid. Once liquid boils, turn the heat down, food will cook just as quickly in slowly boiling water.
Braise To brown food on all sides in a little oil, adding a little liquid, and cook in a closed pot under a low heat until tender.
Chop To cut into small pieces.
Cream To beat butter until it is light and fluffy. This can be done with a spoon, or electric mixer.
Dice To cut into small cubes.
Knead Fold dough or mixture over on itself and then press down lightly with knuckles, then roll forward with the heel of the hand, using a rocking motion. Repeat until dough is smooth.
Marinate To season food by placing it in a liquid seasoning.
Mince To chop very fine.
Parboil To boil food in water until partially cooked.
Preheat To heat oven to desired temperature before putting food in.
Sauté To fry food in a small amount of fat (oil, butter, margarine).
Scald To heat just under boiling point.
Simmer To cook in liquid just below boiling point.
Steam To cook in steam, (not liquid).
Whip To beat rapidly by hand or electric beater or whisk to incorporate air.
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