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Choosing A Puppy
If you have the privilege of choosing a puppy from a litter, you must make your selection carefully. The cutest puppy may not be the best choice. Temperament is the most important characteristic, not looks. You do not want a dog that is shy and cowardly. A dog than runs away when you approach, with its tail between its legs cowering in fear, will also run away when a burglar approaches. Look for an inquisitive dog, the one that approaches you investigating your presence. Look for a dog that is energetic and strong. Stay away from dogs that are too aggressive as they may have behavioural problems. Here are a few tests you can try before making a choice. If the puppies are fairly big, have the owner do these tests to avoid being bitten:
  • Pop open an umbrella in front of the puppies. The sudden noise and opening of the umbrella makes a good fear test. Watch for the puppies that run away and the ones that stay and investigate the noise. Reject the cowards and the ones that try to attack you or the umbrella.

  • Throw an object on the ground large enough to make a noise. Once again, reject the pups that run away. Pups that go to investigate the noise are the preferable choice.

  • Ask the owner to feed the pups. Strong puppies will get their food first, weak ones will not. Choose the strong pup.

  • Ask the owner to move the food when the pups are eating. Do not try this yourself. Reject the dogs that try to bit the hand that feeds them. Do not make the mistake of believing the most aggressive puppy will make the best guard dog. You are more likely to have problems keeping it under control.
Information courtesy of K9 Confidence
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