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Environmental health tips to be observed after a disaster
Water Supply, Food Hygiene, Solid Waste,
Insect and rodent control, Excreta Disposal

Water Supply

1. Remember your water supply might be disrupted.

2. All drinking water must be boiled for at least one (1) minute before consumption.

3. Where there is no fuel or stoves, the water can be purified as follows:

(a) For a small amount of water add six (6) drops of chlorine bleach to every gallon of water and let it remain for half (1/2) an hour.

(b) For large amounts of water add half (1/2) of a pint of chlorine bleach to every (500) gallons of water.

4. Water in ponds, puddles or any temporary body of water should not be used for drinking and only for washing as a last resort.

5. Bad smelling, high coloured, highly polluted water must be avoided for all purposes.


Food Hygiene

Your electricity might be disconnected.

1. If your electricity is disrupted all attempts must be made to use all frozen foods within twelve hours.

2. Meat, chicken, fish etc. out of refrigerator more than twelve (12) hours must not be used.

3. Fresh meat, poultry or fish should be heavily salted until ready for use.

4. Do not purchase or eat looted foods the chances are, they are damaged or exposed to germs

5. Canned or tinned foods that are badly rusted, dented or partially opened must be discarded. Use of these items might lead to food borne illnesses. 6. Bottles with broken seals must not be used.


Solid Waste

Your collection service might be temporarily halted

1. All food scraps, paper, wood, leaves, old clothing and other refuse that rot should be buried and covered with at least twelve (12) inches of earth.

2. All other refuse should be placed in a covered container and safely stored until the collection service resumes.


Water Supply, Food Hygiene, Solid Waste,
Insect and rodent control, Excreta Disposal
Information provided courtesy of CERO
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