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The Budgie
Learn care & breeding information about the Budgie. A Budgie is a small parrot (Parakeet), it intelligent, very beautiful and is quite suitable for be beginners. Click for more

Snail in the Aquarium
Too much snails can become pest, especially in a planted aquarium, as they will happily devour your favourite plants. So how do you get rid of them? Click for more

Beware of dogTraining Your Dog for Guard Duty.
Are you thinking about getting a guard dog? Or maybe you want to train the dog you currently own. If so, this guide is for you, compliments K9 Confidence. click for more

Angel FishAquarium Setup Guide. Avoid Setup Mistakes.
If you just got a new aquarium you came to the right place. This guide will help you avoid common setup mistakes that can be harmful to your fish. Click for more

Dogs Fish
Puppy Pics
Check out these cute puppies. Photos taken during a training class with Paws Abilities. Click for more
Setting up a New Aquarium
If you just got a new aquarium this guide will help you avoid common setup mistakes. It just may save your fish's life.
Species Care & Information
Birds Cats Coming Soon
Budgie Care & Information
Learn care & breeding information about the popular Budgie.

The Ark If you really care about animal welfare in Barbados, then you should take a look at this link. click for more info..

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