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Emergency Shelter Regulations
  1. The Senior Warden is the supreme authority in the Shelter and his/her decision is final.
  2. The Emergency Shelter Warden or other Shelter Warden designated by the Senior Warden will be responsible for the Shelter in the absence of the Senior Shelter Warden.
  3. The Warden is entitled to call upon any occupant of the Shelter to assist in its operation and every occupant is expected to cooperate to the best of his or her ability.
  4. If a State of Emergency is proclaimed at anytime under the Emergency Powers Act, all persons within the Shelter will be subject to the Orders made under the Act and will be liable for such penalties as may be imposed for failure to comply.
  5. The Senior Warden and all assistants are forbidden to accept responsibility for any item of personal property of any occupant of the Shelter.
  6. CERO will not be liable for any damage to, or loss of any property belonging to any occupant.
  7. Any person who is seen defacing or in anyway damaging the Shelter or any item of its furniture or equipment will be prosecuted.
  8. Unseemly, indecent, or unsocial behaviour such as the use of violence, profane language or drunkenness will not be tolerated and will result in prosecution where any such offence is contrary to the law.
  9. No smoking of any kind will be allowed in an Emergency Shelter.
  10. The consumption of alcohol or other alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden in an Emergency Shelter.
  11. No Firearms will be allowed in an Emergency Shelter.
  12. No offensive weapons will be allowed in an Emergency Shelter.
Issued by CERO
Revised June 1999
Information provided courtesy of CERO
2001 JustBajan.com®. Contact: e-mail info@JustBajan.com, Tel: (246) 429-6779