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So it's time to buy a new mouse. You're tired of the old piece of crap that you own. When you move it, the cursor stays put, when you press the buttons, nothing happens, it even feels uncomfortable in your hand. Maybe if you hadn't spilled that drink on it, it would still be working. Whatever the reason, it is time to acquire a new mouse.

Fortunately, mice, or meeses, are cheap (yes, even in Barbados) except of course for the optical and wireless ones. However, before you go out and buy one, make sure you know which type will work with your computer. This if pretty simple, since you just need to determine what type of connection it uses. The easiest method is to disconnect your current mouse, look at its jack, and match it with the new one in the store. In this guide we will show you what the different connections look like, their names and also some of the types of mice available.

Types of Connections:
At the bottom of the line, you will find the serial mouse. The serial mouse has been around for quite a long time. This mouse is compatible with most computers, since there is at least one serial port on every PC. The problem is that they are not that easy to find. They are quickly becoming obsolete.

For a bit more speed, there is the PS2 mouse. This is currently the standard type of connection available for computers. Old computers may not however have a PS2 port to connect the mouse to.

At the top of the line, you can get a USB mouse. USB is very fast, but will only work with newer computers running Windows 98 or later versions of Windows. It is worth noting that some USB mice come with a USB to PS2 converter. Therefore you can still purchase one if your computer only has a PS2 port.
USB to PS2 Converter
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