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Mistakes setting an aquarium

The Fish

Common Mistakes Suggestions
Buying Fish

• Buying sick Fish
Fish deceases are usually very contagious (to other fish) and are difficult to cure. If left untreated, your fish will most likely die.

• Choose healthy looking fish.
Avoid fish with frayed fins, damaged scales, bulging eyes*, white spots** or slimy film on skin. Healthy fish are usually active swimmers. Observe the fish you are interested in buying for a few minutes before making a decision. Do not buy a sick fish and believe you can nurse it back to health.
* Some fish have naturally bulging eyes (e.g. Black Moores)
** White spots are a sign of a common fungus decease called Ich. It is difficult to spot on white fish and fish with white dots. Always inspect the fish carefully.
Adding Fish into your tank
• Adding the fish to your tank too fast.
When you take home fish from the pet shop, don't be too hasty and immediately dump them into your tank. The sudden change in water temperature from the bag to the tank can harm your fish.
• Float the bag with the fish in your tank for at least 20 minutes before releasing the fish into your tank. This gradually allows the water temperature in the bag to match that of the water in your tank. When you release the fish, let them swim out of the bag rather than poring them out of the bag.
Mixing different types of fish
• Mixing big fish with small fish.
Big fish eat small fish. Big fish bully smaller ones especially at feeding time.
• Mix fish similar in adult size.
Big breed fish such as Oscars often sell in pet shops when they are young, small and cute. They may be similar in size to the fish you currently own, but in a few months, the Oscars get much larger, and his tankmates become dinnermates.
• Mixing fish with different environmental preferences. • Mix fish with similar requirements such as water temperature & chemistry.
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