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Mistakes setting an aquarium

Setting up the Aquarium

Common Mistakes Suggestions
Tank Placement
• Placing the tank in the direct sunlight
Direct sunlight can increase the waters temperature to a dangerously high level. You donít want to slow cook do you?
Bright light will also promote the growth of algae which makes the water turn green.
• Place your tank away from direct sunlight. Keep the tank away from windows
• Placing the tank near to your Stereo.
You may like thumping bass, but your fish won't. The Bass will vibrate your tank and agitate your fish.
• Keep your tank far from your stereo or turn down some of the bass (for many, turning down the bass is not an option).
Try placing the tank on a bedding of carpet or Styrofoam. This will help absorb some of the vibration of the music.
• Not covering your tank when you have cats.
Are your fish disappearing without any reason? They maybe hiding, they maybe not. Maybe your cat went fishing.
• Generally, keeping your tank covered is a good idea. Keep your tank covered when you have pets or little children in the house. Some fish are also active jumpers and may jump out of the tank. Use caution if you decide not to cover the tank.
• Cleaning the Tank with Soap
Soap is fish killer and its very difficult to thoroughly rinse it off. Avoid cleaning chemicals at all cost.
• Use water to clean your tank. Avoid cleaning chemicals at all cost. If you believe the tank has some sort of germs, rinse it with hot water.
• Not using a filter.
If you don't get rid of that excess waste (fish excrement & uneaten food) your water will get contaminated and your fish will get sick and die.
• Use some form of filtration system in your tank.
You have choices ranging from: Sponge filters, Power Filters & Under Gravel filters.
Decoration & bottom material
• Decorating with driftwood that is not clean or dried out.  
• Using rocks that leach minerals  
• Using jagged or sharp edge rocks.
Your fish may be injured if they rub against sharp edge rocks
• Use rock with rounded edges

• Not providing hiding places.
Fish will suffer from stress if they can't find someplace to hide when they feel threatened. Some fish, such as Cichlids, naturally like to hide in caves all the time to protect themselves and they young. If you don't provide hiding places (e.g. plant pots or rock caves) for them, they will suffer from some serious stress.

• Provide plenty places for fish to hide.
Here are a few popular choices: Floating weed (excellent for babies fish), plant pots, densely planted patches of plants (natural or artificial), rock caves and large shells. You basically need something a fish can hide under or hide into.
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