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The Address Bar (Internet Explorer) or
The Location Bar (Netscape)
The Address Bar (Internet Explorer) or Location Bar (Netscape) displays the web address of each web page you visit. Every web page has a unique address. If you know the address of a web page that you would like to visit, enter the address in the bar and hit enter. Your browser will search for the page at the given address and load it, once it is found.
Location Bar (Netscape)
Address Bar (Internet Explorer)
Bookmarks & Favorites
Have you ever visited a website and then could not remember how to find it again? Or maybe you are tired typing the name of your favourite web site over and over again. Well, the simple solution to this problem is to create bookmarks. You can Bookmark a site (Netscape) or add it to your Favourites list (Internet Explorer). Book marking simply saves the address of the site in your web browser and adds it to a list in your Bookmarks menu (Netscape) or Favorites Menu (Internet Explorer). To visit the site again, all you need is to select the site's name from the menu and your browser will open the page.
To add a bookmark using Internet Explorer
Step 1: Select Favorites form the menu Bar
Step 2: Select Add to Favorites
A dialog box appears with the name of the website. You can change the name is you wish. Sometimes the name is fairly long, so you may want to shorten it.
Step 3: Click OK
To add a bookmark using Netscape
Step 1: Select Communicator form the menu Bar
Step 2: Select Bookmarks
Step 3: Click Add Bookmark
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2. The Stop Button 7. History
3. The Address Bar / Location Bar 8. Web addresses
4. Bookmarks & Favorites 9. Search Engines & Web Directories
5. Set Home Page 10. Shortcut Keys
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