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Web addresses
A Web address, also referred to as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), is the location or pathway to a website. For example, the web address for this website is http://www.justbajan.com.
You do not need to do a search for a site on Yahoo or other web directories if you know the site's web address. All you need to do is type the name of the website directly into the Address Bar (Internet Explorer) or Location Bar (Netscape) of your browser.
A web address is actually made up of four parts. Most people only need to use the last 3. Lets use JustBajan.com's web address for an illustration:
http:// — Http is the Protocol name.
www — indicates the Location of the site. The WWW indicates that the site is located on the World Wide Web. All sites however, are not on the World Wide Web.
justbajan — This is the Site Name. Site names must names never have spaces in them.
.com — identifies what type of organization the site is: .com usually means commercial.
Here are some other types you may find:
.edu — educational
.org — organization
.gov — government
.net — Network
.bb — Barbados
.tt — Trinidad & Tobago
Search Engines & Web Directories
Search Engines & Web Directories are websites that you use to find other websites. They are like the yellow pages of the Internet. You should know at least three of them; the more you know the better. Probably the most popular Web Director is www.Yahoo.com. Yahoo was one of the first Web Directories on the Internet. Here is a list of some great Search Engines & Web Directors.
ww.altavista.com or www.raging.com
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