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Refresh / Reload
Use the Refresh (Internet Explorer) or Reload (Netscape) button to update a web page. If a web page is taking longer usual to load, hit the Refresh / Reload button; this often helps the page to load faster. Have you ever called someone on the phone and found that you had a bad connection? Did you hang up, called the person again and realised you got a better connection? It's the same thing on the Internet.

Another good reason to update a web page is because what you may be seeing on your screen may actually be an outdated page. How? Your computer can store information from previous visits to a web page. This allows a web page to load faster the next time you visit since it's loading information from your computer's memory and not from the web site. If you are shopping at a website you visited in the past, you should hit the Refresh / Reload button to make certain you are viewing up-to-date prices.

Tip: If you click a link to a page and you got that pesky "Page Not Found" error, or the pages comes up blank, try hitting the Refresh / Reload button. Your browser may just find it on the second try.
Refresh Button
(Internet Explorer)
Reload Button
Have you ever visited a website and later, you just could not remember the address? Yup, it happens to all of us. Fortunately you can check your browser's history. The History stores the address of websites you visited from as far back as a few weeks. All you need to do is open up your history file and search through the list of sites to see if any names ring a bell.
Check History using Internet Explorer:
There are a few ways to view the history:
  1. Click the History Button or
  2. Hold down the CTRL key and hit "H" or
  3. Click View from the menu Bar, Choose Explorer Bar, and then click History
History Button
(Internet Explorer)
Check History using Netscape
There are a few ways to view the history:
  1. Hold down the CTRL key and hit "H" or
  2. Click "Communicator" from the menu Bar, choose "Tools", and then click History.
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3. The Address Bar / Location Bar 8. Web addresses
4. Bookmarks & Favorites 9. Search Engines & Web Directories
5. Set Home Page 10. Shortcut Keys
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