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Back & Forward Buttons
When surfing the net, the Back & Forward Buttons will become your first friends. The back button will take you back to the previous page you visited. Each press takes you back one step. You can go forward again by pressing the Forward button. Each press moves your forward until you've reached the last page you visited.
It's also very easy to go back or forward a few pages at a time rather than one at a time. Instead of hitting the back or forward buttons over and over until you reach the page you wanted, click on the arrow next to the button. A list of the pages you have visited will appear. Simply choose the one you wish to jump to.
There are also shortcut keys to move forward and backward. Hold down the ALT key and press the left arrow to go back or the right arrow to go forward. Learn the shortcut keys if you are not comfortable using the mouse.
Back & Forward Buttons
(Internet Explorer)
Back & Forward Buttons
Stop Button
Use the Stop button to stop a web page from loading. This is useful to stop a page from loading if you click a link by mistake. Also, if a page is loading that is slowing down your computer too much, you can use the Stop button to stop it from loading. Perhaps you may be looking at naughty pictures and someone walks in on you, then, if it isn't too late, you can click the Stop button to stop the pictures from loading.
The ESC button is the shortcut key to Stop.
See Images below showing location of the Stop Button.
Stop Button
(Internet Explorer)
Stop Button
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5. Set Home Page 10. Shortcut Keys
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